Can only sitting for a long time affect the health of office workers? The latest US study points out another

In the past, when discussing the effects of the workplace on well-being, the topic of sedentary behavior during work hours, but you know what? According to a new discussion by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), another factor affecting the well-being of Americans may be the food provided at work, especially free food. The results of the new discussion were published at the annual meeting of the American Nutrition Society in Boston on June 11,2018.

Can sitting for a long time affect the well-being of office workers? The latest American research pointed out that another
‘We are surprised that so much food is free, especially many people,’ said Stephen Onufrak at the CDC. ‘We may not realize how many calories they eat.’

The group surveyed 5,222 employees who received food or drinks from vending machines or cafeteria restaurants, in public areas, in meetings, and even in work activities.

The results showed that one in four of the participants received food at least once a week at work, adding about 1,300 calories evenly. According to the discussion, the food was not bought from vending machines, but from free food in the company, accounting for 71% of the total calories.

Stephen Onufrak Because employees work at least eight hours a day, many people may not know how many calories they get from work, free food packs, pizza, soda, cookies, brownies, cakes and sweets.

According to the seminar, the foods provided in the workplace often contain plenty of sodium and refined grains, as well as very few whole grains and fruits, which are high in calories. Therefore, the employees also develop bad eating habits, which must be improved.