Can coffee cause cancer? A California judge ruled that coffee makers must be warnings

Starbucks and other coffee makers must label their products with carcinogenic chemicals to selling their coffee in California, a Los Angeles judge ruled on Thursday.

Can coffee cause cancer? A California judge ruled that coffee makers must be warnings

Starbucks and other coffee makers have failed to prove that a chemical produced in roasting coffee is not a significant threat to human well-being.

After California’s non-profit toxic substances research council (Council for Education and Research on Toxics, CERT) according to the state law of starbucks, when Ken donuts (Dunkin Donuts), McDonald’s and other 90 coffee roasters and wholesalers, accused that these companies did not warn consumers, baking coffee beans process will naturally produce carcinogenic acrylamide (Acrylamide).

CERT said that since California law has classified acrylamide as a carcinogen, coffee makers will have to follow California laws and warn their products to warn millions of Californians who drink coffee.

In the first phase of the case, High Court Judge Mueller (Elihu Berle) ruled that the defendant failed to prove that there was no “significant level” of acrylamide risk in coffee.

After the second phase of the trial, Judge Bole said in Thursday’s ruling that the coffee companies had failed to effectively prove that the coffee was a healthy drink.”Defendant has failed to convincingly prove by the preponderance of the evidence that drinking coffee is beneficial to human well-being.”The judgment said.

Coffee companies can object before April 10, but Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts and other coffee companies have not yet responded to the judge’s decision.

“Coffee has been proved again and again to be a healthy drink,” said William Murray (William Murray), president and CEO of the American Coffee Association. He thought the lawsuit “did not help to improve public well-being”.

The lawsuit was stopped for eight years and is not over yet. The third phase of the trial will confirm that the coffee company will pay several civil fines. Us reports today said the estimated fine is $40 million, but that astronomical figure seems unlikely.

The Associated Press reported that coffee companies could stop appealing against the court’s decision, but rarely won.

Coffee, hot cereal and potatoes naturally produce acrylamide when cooked and fried. Large topical medical research show that eating these foods does not increase the risk of cancer.

While there have been concerns about the potential dangers of coffee in recent years, some recent discussions have shown that coffee consumption may be good for health, including reducing the risk of liver disease, some diabetes and Parkinson’s syndrome. In 2016, the World Health Organization’s International Research Institute on Cancer removed coffee from the list of “possible carcinogens”.

The case, who drinks several cups of coffee a day, said the lawyer (Raphael Metzger) wants the (coffee) industry to remove the chemical in its manufacturing process. But coffee companies say it’s not feasible.

Metzger said: ” It is better for the public to clean up this chemical than to keep it and warn it.”