In 2023, the earth’s magnetic field will reverse, true or false

The earth’s magnetic field is easy to be ignored, the earth is the home for everyone to survive, but the naked eye according to the magnetic field is basically no one to pay attention to, after all, can not see, but it is really real, and is in change all year round.

2023 The Earth’s magnetic field will reverse the true or false 1

In 2023, the earth’s magnetic field will reverse, true or false
According to the observation results from the beginning of the early 19th century, the northern magnetic pole of the earth is constantly in a state of moving, and the moving speed is fast and slow, and is unstable. However, under the long time movement, the geomagnetic Arctic has run more than 2,200 kilometers, from Canada to the arms of Russia.

If it continues at this rate, the magnetic Arctic may run through China in the future. As you can imagine, from northern Canada to China, this “deviation” was once not a level. In this situation, the earth’s magnetic field is weakening from time to time, to the future may be complete, thus forming a “big flip” of the north and south poles of the earth’s magnetic field.

Scientists point out that while the north pole moves and other data, geomagnetic flipping was getting closer to us. But according to the predictions of the global electromagnetic model, it is impossible to have geomagnetic flipping before 2025. There is no telling exactly when it will happen.

2023 The Earth’s magnetic field will reverse the true or false 2

Can magnetic pole inversion destroy humans
The process of the Arctic and Antarctic magnetic field is the magnetic pole. The worst result of this phenomenon will make the magnetic force of the earth’s magnetic field zero Gaussian (Gauss is the magnetic induction unit). If the solar magnetic field is reversed with the cycle of 11 years, the immune system of all animals on the earth (including human) will be greatly reduced; the shell of the earth will be volcanic eruption, earthquake, debris flow and other phenomena; the earth magnetic sphere will be weakened, the cosmic radiation from the sun will increase, and may eventually cause radiation disaster to human beings.

Magnetic field is a special substance that is invisible, intangible and objective, which can have a magnetic effect on the small magnetic needle placed in it. In 2022, the reversion of the earth’s magnetic field is a rumor, so it is not true that there is a magnetic field around the magnet, and the interaction between the magnets is mediated by the magnetic field.

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Will the earth’s magnetic field reverse
Archaeological evidence shows that the magnetic field has been reversed thousands of times since the Earth was born. But the cause and mechanism of the reversal of the earth’s magnetic field should not be clear before.

For modern geomagnetic humans, the reversal has never been experienced and may have some influence on human life, but it will not be a fatal effect, let alone bring the end of the world.

For Earth, geomagnetic reversal is not a particularly rare phenomenon. There are several mass extinctions in geological history, some may be related to gamma explosions, some to asteroid impacts, but there is no evidence that a mass extinction is related to geomagnetic reversal.

Since the history of repeated magnetic reversals has little to do with the mass extinction, there is little need to worry about the end of the world.