Must the airpodspro I bought on the official website be true

airpodspro Is an apple headset that many people use today. When some people want to buy it but think it is too expensive, they will go to other platforms to buy it. But in this situation, it is very easy to buy fake goods. So, what about buying a fake airpodspro? Let’s take a look at the detailed introduction of Qding!

The airpodspro I bought on the official website must be true? 1

Must the airpodspro I bought on the official website be true
It is true, but on other platforms, others say that they bought it on the official website, and then sell it to you, then they need to think about the authenticity.

Identify AirPods Pro true and false is not through the serial number to stop the query, have to pass the real thing you buy to stop the comparison, to be able to distinguish the true and false;

Of course, if you are low price to buy, so certainly belong to false, now the market price of this new apple earphone is in 1500 or so, for example you are hundreds of pieces to buy new AirPods Pro earphone, so certainly belong to high imitation

The airpodspro I bought on the official website must be true 2

How to buy a fake airpodspro how to do
This kind of platform should support seven days without reason to return worry save trouble directly find customer service to apply for return can also do not have to fight with customer service you this is a fake what is to say do not want to request return (of course, this can be worldly point

Assuming the refund of the platform, according to Article 55 of the Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Protection of the Rights and Interests of the Consumers, the amount of the consumer; the amount of the compensation of 500 yuan is 500 yuan. Where the law has other rules, such rules shall prevail “.

If you can tell the consumer that the headset I sold is the genuine AirPods Pro Bluetooth headset from Apple, then you can make three fake claims and ask the platform for compensation.

In addition, you need to keep the relevant evidence, such as the sale page of the goods to, the goods, the video, the details of the headset are true or false, or a certain authoritative third-party inspection certificate, to ensure that the headset is fake.

When negotiating, the tone and attitude must be tough. In general circumstances, the platform will agree to return the goods and refund.

The platform does not agree, but still we are rational, 12315 complaints, wait for the platform to call back.

The airpodspro I bought on the official website must be true? 3

Xianyu buy Airpods2pro how to avoid fake goods
Don’t buy new, don’t buy new

2.2 generation do not buy 450 below the selection price of the lowest 500, pro do not buy 800 below. Buy a little more expensive to bargain above this price most genuine products relatively more

⒊ Liats like to use beauty head carefully

⒋ Far away from Guangdong regional sellers, I bought a fake before is

⒌ Vague pictures do not buy with a real shot

⒍ Friends sent bestie, the company sent boyfriend, girlfriend sent… and so on the story of the earphone directly neglect no matter he whether genuine

⒎ Staying away from this receipt is just a fake

  1. Must walk the platform no matter what discount he gives you to go the platform once you leave the platform you really do not guarantee that the seller has all the initiative